Prima? o_O... FF and KH never goes Prima, wat is dis!

Prima is what I personally know to be the least visually and fulfilling of the more known guide publishers... But I do think it's worth mentioning it was more in the past than now, as I have and have seen newer works from them that were very well done... At least I think it was Prima O_o.

Anyway, while I still think it sounds a bit odd, I guess it makes sense enough, as KH aren't particularly complex to 100% complete. Still, when you look at the guidebook for the first KH by Piggybag alone... Well, I'm not used to seeing Prima guides that big, and 1.5 has 2 playable titles along with Days.
We'll see. I'm sure it'll be just fine though. I hope they really come through in the artwork and visual department!