Squaresoft is splitting from Enix to rekindle their old magic. [/AprilFools]

No, but Yosuke Matsuda, the new SE president has realized that they need to change their focus back to what made their old games succesful and beloved by fans around the world. This lies not in enhancing their games as much as in giving their games a sense of national identity, namely by turning their focus back on JRPG's and what made them succesful around the world rather than trying to cater to the international market.

Give the article a read, it's definitely a promising read. Just got to wonder why it took them so long to see, considering fans have been pointing this out for years. Many might blame Yoichi Wada though, lol.

He uses Hitman - a Danish produced franchise - as an example of an error in their strategy to give their games international appeal.
I have to say I really did like Absolution and thought it was perhaps the best or second best in the series, but I definitely understand the point about keeping core elements intact, and how it hurts fans who love the key elements that define or used to define a franchise, even if I might personally prefer the changed product in few cases.
That said, I still think I might still love a future Hitman game if it was more like the old ones, but with the graphics and innovations that can freshen up the game without hurting the core values, because Hitman truly has excellent and deep stealth atmosphere.

NOTE: And Bravely Default is wholy awesome!

Thanks to Lunar, for the link.