xD Well, it wasn't a successful one and I don't recall it being on a tenth cloister so it doesn't count that Nikki was possessed so there!

Actually, about the twins, I knew full well that Kellen made Yuubou a fighter, but we'd already decided to have them speak like Gem and Gemma from Power Rangers RPM and he hadn't posted for them in ages. It sort of made them our version of Palom and Porom in my eyes and that's how I decided to write them. xD I couldn't have Yuubou stay a fighter then because I wanted them to have Palom and Porom's Combination Magic ability hence Yuubou turned into another psychic.

Just to clarify a few details of my post, Mishka left the others and entered the Cloister of Trials, that labyrinth of escalators that was exhausting to navigate and took bloody forever and- *ongoing background rant* Mishka went a ways off so it wouldn't be odd if the others entered and didn't find her and left. No worries, haboo. =p Cyan snuck out the back, too. x)

Spoiler: Read my post first. Go NAOO!! 

I think we should give this Open Arc a substantial period of time to get ideas across. After all, once we've passed it, all that's left of the RP is the last of the cloisters. Take this moment to finish off your character development and set off on the last bits you hope to get to between Cloister 89 and the end. Until then! *poof gone*