Mission Select
Mission select leads Yuna into her adventures! Yuna and Co - The Kamome-dan - is able to fly from one place to another using their Airship "Celsius". Each mission has it's own indivdual epsiode and can have different story flow. The key point of this system is that some missions enable the Players to select options themselves making it flexible.

Active Link
Through missions, Yuna will find new connections towards her story, called the "Active Link" which will open up the door to new missions and episodes. Players can create a story of their own by selecting different missions as the continue to play.

Not seen in Final Fantasy X, the players are able to visit the major places from the beginning of the game. Even if the place visited has no information that are important, you can still walk around and view the familiar environment of Spira.

Admin – Fri, 04/21/2006 – 2:37pm

Hidden chocobo caves

Can someone please help me with the hidden caves that the chocobos find? I know there's one in the ranch in the calm lands and there is another one but I can't remember where it is or how to get it! Help!

Far beyond the hazy borders of my heart
I can see a place that's something like this

booms – Fri, 02/06/2009 – 7:32am


I can't get one of the Manuals for the experiment. (not the one at chocobo ranch the one at Mi'ihen)
I've examined every Machina in the North area of Mi'ihen but I'm not getting it. What am I doing wrong? it's driving me insane.

Xezo – Wed, 02/04/2009 – 10:13pm


i cannot beat the dragon in chapter 4... i want to kick his ass soooooo bad...

FFX2 Karly OWNS... – Mon, 10/27/2008 – 9:00am


first of wut lvl u on?
second u need to be atleast in between lvl20-lvl35 so on.
so equip them with ....
option1-all dark knights
option2-all berserker(misspell)
option3-all warrior
option4-atleats one alchemist the other 2 is your choice.

method1-keep attacking have 1 or 2 just keep on using darkness and the other normally attacking and healing if needed. try to keep it up while u can.

method2-cast berserker on 1 or 2 and have 1 the healer. heal if needed.

method3-this is far the most helpful to me.keep attacking with ice brand ability and liquid steal. have 1 character atlest do power break and armor break and nothing else. so here is a list of command to give your warriors:
-ice brand(very effective)
-liquid steel(also very effective)
-armor break(deals damage not only that but breaks it defense, not all)
-power break(deals damage too and breaks its strength, not all)
-Excalibur(not needed as much, use if nessesery but warning: is worth more than the usual mp points)

method4-ok so equip one character with the alchemist dress sphere and equip the other 2 with the STRONGEST dress sphere you have (ex. berserker(misspell) or dark knight or warrior)
if you use berserker cast berserk on it. if u have dark knight have it attack or do darkness either way u do at least close to 1000 damage.id recomment just attacking because darkness takes away atleast 100-300 damage to your hp but heavily damage the zalamander aka dragon on ch4 but darkness can be helpful too use it in the beginning of the battle. ok for the warrior do these attacks as much as possible:
-ice brand
-liquid steel
-armor and power break
then have your alchemist mix holy water with any gems(note the gem you have to use must have these names:ice gem, water gem, fire gem, lightning gem..ect.)they should do atleast 10 hits causing 1000 damage each hit!

hope this helps

Yuna: The people and the friends we have lost, or the dreams that have faded....
Never forget them.

ira – Sun, 01/04/2009 – 5:31am


My advice would 2 have two dark knights and one gunner the gunner would do only Trigger Happy, the Dark Knights will heal,attack, and use supportive moves like Shell or Protect(White Signia GG Or Supreme Light GG) 2 bck up the party and ur Gunner... Ur gunner would have 2 be equiped 2 a GG that increase ur attack by 15 or 20 its equiped items would be Speed Bracer and Icy gleam cause Speed Bracer does more damage sinces its weakness is ice Icy gleam gives Trigger Happy "Icestricker"
PS. Dont use any magic moves its immune 2 them which makes battling it more annoying! and Ur level should be about 43-51

hyperblondietheif337 – Wed, 10/29/2008 – 6:44pm


not really i defeat that when i wuz lvl 20-35 and another person did it in under 20-25
but when i fought it that wuz just effortless

ira – Sun, 01/04/2009 – 5:34am


Im only lvl 24. I must be a luck bum!

FFX2 Karly OWNS... – Thu, 10/30/2008 – 7:45pm


easy...first of all...u need icy gleam(in a chest in Macalania Woods in ch.3). I can only find 1. Then equip the other 2 character without the Icy Gleam with Tetra Master Garment Grid(after completing the mission that u have 2 save the tourist in the cave n defeating Dark Yojimbo). Also equip 1 or 2character with warrior, 1 dark knight(if u equip only 1 with warrior) and 1 songstress. Warrior: keep using Power or Armor break, Drk knight: just hit like crazy(also equip the dark knight with bloodlust) n songstress Dirty Dance. If possible have 2 songstress and 1 casting slow dance on the other songstress n change to other DS and the slow songstress keep using Dirty Dance(because the dancing ends once the charge gauge finishes...so slowing the songstress is good) thats it.

Sora the Keybla... – Wed, 10/29/2008 – 7:02am


I'm srry 2 ask but on FFX i'm stuck on Mount Gagazet,, cud eny1 tell me the easiest waii 2 defeat Seymour Flux on Mount Gagazet? ii wud appreciate it a lot!

LuLu -- Your the high summoner who defeated sin!

Lady Yunaleska – Sat, 03/22/2008 – 2:15pm


while Seymour summons Anima(I think u have no problem before this), summon ifrit. keep healing urself by casting fira or firaga then when u overdrive use hell fire. Keep reapeating the same step. After Ifrit is dead, summon ixion n cure yourelf with thundara or thundaga and when it overdrives use thor's hammer. I ixioin is dead, summon the ????? under ixion(thats shiva). use blizzara to sure urself and if u overdrives use diamond dust. Make sure you dont use Valefor bcoz it cant heal itself unless it learned cura or curaga

Sora the Keybla... – Wed, 10/29/2008 – 7:07am



FFX2 Karly OWNS... – Mon, 10/27/2008 – 9:01am


i feel so dumb about this game (ffx)
can someone tell me how to defeat seymor on the temple
i defeated anima but then after he keep using multi-fira or somthing like that it is so anoying!!!!!!
can someone help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Die and be free of pain
Or live and fight your sorrow!

yrp_rock – Sun, 12/23/2007 – 2:40pm


First of all, have armor that protects aginst fire, water, ice, & thunder (i think those are it.) once you defet anima, have one of your aeons like shiva use their overdrives. then it would most likely be over. then a big cut seane will come then you have to run for dear life. i hope that i could help. you can PM me cus i defeted the game.

~Peace out

FFX2 Karly OWNS... – Mon, 10/27/2008 – 8:58am


i know how to defeat them at first but i need to know how to defeat him after anima is dead!!!!!!!

Die and be free of pain
Or live and fight your sorrow!

yrp_rock – Mon, 12/24/2007 – 7:42am

Seymour - Macalania

Well you can either use NulShock/Blaze etc or use shell on your party. When he summons Anima I only used Shiva, she kicked his ass. Then dismissed her and just used Tidus to attack like crazy and Lulu to cast Fira and all the rest. :)

Why is this happening? I wish you were here with me..

Mish Yoona – Wed, 08/13/2008 – 10:31am


To defeat anime you have to save all of your aeons for anima.
Summon Shiva first. (the unknown aeon) and heal and attack repeatedly with her. Cycle through all your aeons. But Anima should be dead before you run out.
If you do run out of aeons relying on auron and tidus' physical attacks will be your last option.

Fayth: "Yes, you're a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming..."
Tidus: "No! So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
Fayth: "We've been dreaming so long... we're tired."

Ryu Ryu – Mon, 12/24/2007 – 10:52am


i know how to defeat anima but seymor is my problem after i defeat anime how do i kill seymor??

Die and be free of pain
Or live and fight your sorrow!

yrp_rock – Mon, 12/24/2007 – 11:30am

Seymour - Macalania Temple

Get Tidus or your strongest attacker to attack like crazy and use Lulu to cast Fira on his ass.
- Worked well for me (Y)

With so many thing woven together.. what could be waiting where the threads meet?

Mish Yoona – Wed, 02/11/2009 – 4:39pm

GRRRRRR i feel STUPID!!!!!!

i feel so RETARDED!!!!!!!!! how the heck in chapter 5 do u do the episodes for moonflow, besaid, kilika, zanakand

i did it before 2 years ago but i accidently deleted my game so i am STUCL


RAAADlambWALKth... – Tue, 11/06/2007 – 7:47pm

Re: GRRRRR i feel STUPID!!!!!

Moonflow: talk to tobli
Besaid: complete the second set of ciphers in the cave
Kilika: talk to Dona and Barthello
Zanarkand: talk to issaru

Fayth: "Yes, you're a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming..."
Tidus: "No! So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
Fayth: "We've been dreaming so long... we're tired."

Ryu Ryu – Sat, 11/10/2007 – 4:32pm

top o ramen

everytime i talk to tobli he is like, u wnat to check out the band

RAAADlambWALKth... – Sun, 11/11/2007 – 11:28am

Re: top o ramen

you have to select yes and listen to them briefly,
then talk to him again.

aftert that you've got to talk to the different people all over the moonflow

Fayth: "Yes, you're a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming..."
Tidus: "No! So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
Fayth: "We've been dreaming so long... we're tired."

Ryu Ryu – Sun, 11/11/2007 – 12:18pm

I'm really stuck!!

I'm stuck on the part when you have to race the guy to the beach in the game Final Fantasy X-2!! I've been trying the mission for about 2-3 days and i'm very stuck can u help me??

babiigrl321 – Thu, 08/23/2007 – 1:33pm

Re: I'm really stuck!!

Here's what you can do.
There aren't any cheats to make this easier (unless you have gameshark)

Your best bet is to raise your chain meter till it is full.
make sure you keep it at full and don't get attacked.

Save you're death amo for the machina at the very end,
and use you're dual ammo whenever you see two or more enemies.

If an enemie gets close and your not goign to be able to shoot in time, you CANT shoot and run . but you can run faster than they can, get a little farther away and then shoot 'em dead.

Overall it takes practice:
on my third try i was 48 points of from 500, (i had 452 pts.)

Fayth: "Yes, you're a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming..."
Tidus: "No! So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
Fayth: "We've been dreaming so long... we're tired."

Ryu Ryu – Thu, 08/23/2007 – 3:08pm

RE:RE: I'm really stuck

yeah i had the same problem i was just like7 away from 500 when i either died or got to the beach. dont remember.

Y.R.P. In position.
It's showtime girls

YRPisperfict – Thu, 08/23/2007 – 3:15pm


ok im lvl 99 and im doing the bevelle labyrinth the leder drake keeps killing me and idk why?is it because im useing black knight DS?should i use mascot DS?plz help

primeevil2 – Sat, 08/11/2007 – 12:30am


try running past him as soon as he backs up. he killed me when i tried running past him the first few times but got killed. there is another part that you might be talking about when you have to jump down and he is not moving any where.what u do is go back a little bit to an opening in the side wall go leftand onto the platform. that makes a couple of blocks over the top of the elder drakes head. u can jump over them without fighting him. (in the same room u can go left after getting past the drake and press x behind the tonberry to get an item. u do not have to fight the tonberry to get it) hope i helped.

Y.R.P. In position.
It's showtime girls

YRPisperfict – Thu, 08/23/2007 – 3:12pm


it shouldnt matter which DS you use.
But for best results, if the stupid thing keeps killing you,
use an alchemist and 2 dark knights.
have dark knights equipped with crystal bangles and Mythril bangles (HP up 100% defense up 60)
Use alchemist to combine Holy Water and ANY elemntal Gem to create "White Hole" wich cast 9,999dmg x7

I would just make sure you escape.
The fiends on lvl.99 are extremly strong (stronger than vegnagun) and alot of them are previous bosses from earlier cloisters.

Its best to avoid battles in cloister 99 wherever possible.

Fayth: "Yes, you're a dream of the fayth. You, your father, your mother, everyone. All dreams. And if the fayth stop dreaming..."
Tidus: "No! So what if I'm a dream! I... I like being here."
Fayth: "We've been dreaming so long... we're tired."

Ryu Ryu – Thu, 08/23/2007 – 3:11pm

Okay lets have an honest discussion...

Was X-2 honestly a good game?

You can argue either way, but i think everybody should get in on this.
You can argue that it sucked. It was a cheap rip-off of X that square created to line there pockets with cash. I lacked plot, story, and fill-ins. The side-quests where wayy to hard to be side-quests and the main missions where waaayyy to easy. The final boss was probably the EASIEST boss in the entire game. Wheras the sidequestboss had up to 999,999hp. Not only that but did anybody notcie how from X to X-2 the sweet innocent Yuna dissapeered and became slutty, skanky yuna. Not to mention the fact the brother continues to hit on yuna throughout the game (INBREEDING & INCEST) there COUSINS for crying out loud... Also the story was waaaay to lighthearted comming out from X. Al lthe good important charatcers DIED in X. Yuna's father, love, and guardian are DEAD. but there all running around bashing Vegnagun. And theres only so much of Rikku's horrible ariheadedness (that wasnt exsistent in X) that one can take....

on the other hand.
X-2 was an excellent break from serious storylines because it was lighthearted. There were alot of mini-games, so you could keep playing the disk over and over and still wanna play. It also created a slightly warm- good ending to the sadness that left off in X. Theres also the fact that it compleatly sums up what happened in X. so you're not left off with all these "what happened too...." it was actually really cute considering. and i managed to get a lot of hours into the thing before beating it, so it was worth a play, even if not worht the money...

SO lets discuss this. Was X-2 honestly worth a buy?

Fayth: It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago. Even after a thousand years, his hate and misery linger on. His feelings grew so strong, they began to act on their own... Eventually, they became a shadow - a shade that wants only to vanish

Ryu Ryu – Sat, 07/14/2007 – 12:26am

Re: Okay lets have an honest discussion...

well the yuna thing ... it was like 2 years since she lost someone she had known for a month or two so i get why she was much happier here... NO PRESSURE! ... when she was a summoner she was like the pillar beneath spira so she couldnt take sin so lightly and cheerful and without a care cuz she knew sin would kill her... the brother thing was REALLLY weird... and whats with rikkus clothes!!!

"Is it you? Or does he just look like you?"

Anna4ffx2 – Sat, 12/22/2007 – 12:14pm

RE:ok lets have a honest discusion

it was ok but WAY to ez i killed most bosses in a matter of hits because i trained because your supposed to train in other final fantasy games but x2 was pittiful it was so ez but then again it was also fun it intorduced paine and i think shes kool i liked the mini games,but i miss blitzball,and sphere hunting is stupid as hell...i mean a side boss sometimes takes me 20-30 minutes as were the last boss vegnagun took me 5-10 minutes if that,i dont think it was worth the money but worth playing,it was pretty fun at times and pretty stupid at others and pretty much pissed me off at other times like leblanc and co were retarded as hell,wuts the point of having a rival for a part of the game then they help you?in other ff games u had the same rival for the entire game or at least till the very end and u beat them for the last time,ff7 was sephiroth and shinra,ff8 was seifer and edea,ffx was sin and seymour,ff x-2 was leblanc for the first 2-3 chapters then u had no rival just vegnagun...and he was ezier then hell i cant belive people have problems fighting him hes way to ez to even be a boss for chapter 1....idk if this is wut u were looking for but this is wut i have to say about the game...enjoy =)

primeevil2 – Sat, 08/11/2007 – 1:19am

Re: Okay lets have an honest discussion

actually in ffx the antagonists were constantly changing (seymour was a good guy in the beginning but later you hated him, after talking to rikku i thought yevonites were the bad guys, then i thought al bhed were bad after talking to wakka then yevon was wrong for throwing them out when you met up again with rikku ect.) except for sin, your main goal throughout the whole game, everything was constantly flip-flopping, but that makes it good too... suspenseful i would say.


"Is it you? Or does he just look like you?"

Anna4ffx2 – Sat, 12/22/2007 – 12:31pm

I had trouble with them

I had trouble with them too!But I used my paine special dresssphere

Demyxclone – Fri, 07/20/2007 – 11:32am

RE:i had trouble with them

oops my pain specil DS hasnt been used for anything lol i havent rly worked on it much as u can prolly tell now hehe

primeevil2 – Sat, 08/11/2007 – 1:20am


i know i havent gone far but i desperatley need help with a boss battle!! its the battle between yuna and the girls and the chick with the hearts and the two guys as side kicks (i never remembered their names). the battle in the lair at the cross road thingy!! i need help!!

i try everything and i just cant get past her!!


fffanatic07 – Sun, 07/15/2007 – 4:08am


Your in ch.3 with YRP vs. Leblanc and company.
We'll, first off you should deffinetly level up. 33 or so would be a good asset.
I would go in with Beserker and a warrior if you have them. if not. Go Warrior and Samurai.

Start of with 1 warrior 1 samurai and a white mage.
Cast hastega (this is important)
then change your white mage into a warrior.
use your warriors to caste mental,amor,magic,and defense break.
Then use sparkler and fireworks from your samurai (if using the beserker go mad rush and hurt) and keep attacking.

You can choose to use 2 beserkers and 1 warrior, to me beserkers are wayy stronger.
so it may be better.

if the going gets tough revert to special dresspheres

Fayth: It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago. Even after a thousand years, his hate and misery linger on. His feelings grew so strong, they began to act on their own... Eventually, they became a shadow - a shade that wants only to vanish

Ryu Ryu – Sun, 07/15/2007 – 12:11pm


its better if you use Assult but one has to be Warrior and one or two.
If your using Two Gun mage one does Storm Cannon and the other Does White Wind. As you wait for Assult to happen make sure you use white wind first cause then you wont control no one. if you dont use storm cannon that alright you can just change dressphere to dark knight to russian roullete wont kill you.Then Dark Knight just keeps on using darkness but then you change to samuri and use fireworks alot then you white wind to cute states and HP. its kinda diffcult this way but its foolpoof unless your REALLY LOW LEVED like 21 or 24. If your on this Level then Train alot in places where a fiend almost defeated you! if you have good accessories then use them and you'll level up before you know it! HAVE FUN!!!!
If your wondering where you get White Wind use a new game plus data(finish the Game) or just get dark knight to confused coreal or Queen coreal.Dark Knight Is Easy to get so Just follow this and you'll be fine!!

hyperblondietheif337 – Wed, 04/30/2008 – 8:48pm


thank you sooo much!!
i shall go and do that right now


fffanatic07 – Sun, 07/15/2007 – 6:07pm

Re: Help!!

good luck =)
Pm me if you still need help

Fayth: It may look like him, but the real Shuyin died long ago. Even after a thousand years, his hate and misery linger on. His feelings grew so strong, they began to act on their own... Eventually, they became a shadow - a shade that wants only to vanish

Ryu Ryu – Sun, 07/15/2007 – 7:05pm


ok im totally clueless ive looked EVERYWHERE!!! i even saw a sphere of him but hes NOT THERE!!! you prbably have no idea what im talking about. he,he sorry anyways can someone pleeaase tell me where the prominence thing is - i think thats what its called on mount Gagazet? promise ill make it up to ya!!

monkey – Fri, 05/04/2007 – 4:30am


Its right after the snow trail thingy

Zhad0w – Wed, 05/09/2007 – 6:07pm



monkey – Fri, 05/25/2007 – 1:27am


No prob.

Zhad0w – Sat, 05/26/2007 – 1:09pm

i think....

i think i understand.....
go to the gagaset and to a lift press the mouten trail then go up then you se a cliff i think he will be there

Yunaleska – Wed, 05/09/2007 – 4:21am


could someone help me with the new cave thing? please! in thunder plains

Siru90 – Fri, 04/27/2007 – 10:08am

Cave in thunder plains.

What kind of help are you looking for? Can't you beat the boss or...?

Riserise – Fri, 04/27/2007 – 10:39am

in the mission chapter 5

i can't open the walls there i have try everything

Siru90 – Thu, 05/03/2007 – 10:15am

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BrianRoberts – Sat, 04/21/2007 – 8:50am