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Thread: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

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    Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    Started: June 10th, 2008


    War, what is it good for? Yup, out again, back in the mud and watching these people kill each other. Good grief. It really irks the harmony of the self when one must dodge blaster bolts and corrosive globs. The Matriarch had briefed us on a lab under fire, one that had been secretly researching the cause of the Crux, deciphering its genetic code and composition. Fighting had broken out in the neighbouring locations surprisingly as the facility was chosen for research due to its seclusion from the war.

    Currently, I was having Soraoi offer his ingenuity to mount up a proper defence grid, though his materials were quite limited in a chemical laboratory. Of course, I mentioned he do whatever he could with the resources at hand. Elsewhere, Anna was on scout patrol with one of my Exter units, an Andalia or whatever they were called. She had personally requested one for her mission, and not surprising; this area was becoming more volatile. The more invisible we were the better.

    I, and the remaining few took to securing a perimeter around the lab. Shells were falling, Hulk shrapnel, and even a few corpses of those intriguing magma creatures. Should the battles continue, we may have to hasten a call for evacuation.

    “Sir, 2 o’clock!” Spectre exclaimed, notifying me of the breech.

    “Good eye. Let’s move in!”

    The two of us flew into position as the Tira rained down from the sky, flesh searing from re-entry. We began blasting it with our best, breaking the poor soul into smaller chunks before allowing the remains to hit the roof. Nodding to Spectre, I scanned the air, noticing my uncle’s regiment breaking atmo.

    “Zhao le.” I grumbled under my breath, “Looks like we’ll have to head out by week’s end, if we’re lucky. Damn fools.”

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    Sitting in my office, high on top the best area in the land. On one side I could see the hustle and bustle of the city. The other side I saw a quiet country side. Midway between the two, far off in the distance, was the factory. The factory my grandfather started. It started out as a small arms factory for hunting animals only. Never kill to win. But the stupid citizens of both planets were not intelligent enough to realize where the real money was. In the past decade or so I started turning into a full blown weapons factory. I created all sorts of weapons. I even had a vial of the most dangerous weapon known to mankind, hidden in a very safe place, that I would later introduce to the weapons during the war.

    "Ah...," I said, sipping a wine that my ancestors gave to, which I recently inherited. "Humans, Exter, ther are all the same. They both want each others' blood. In the meantime, I get the profits. All works according to plan.

    I set the glass of wine down on my desk and went back to reading the figures on my papers. I scrunched my nose at the last one. It looked like the Humans were paying one less zero for the weapons than the Exter. I thought about that for a minute. Then I realized that the Humans must either be winning the war. I didn't think either side would be winning at this point. Just a minor set back, all I had to do was introduce my new idea for a weapon earlier. I thought about it for a while longer, then decided I should wait another few weeks or so and see how the war plays out before letting out the catastrophic weapon that would easily destroy both popluations on a planetery scale.

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    Alex Delacroix

    Alex heaved his KRAK 546 over the next entrenchment. Landing with a thud in the slight depression, he turned watching for his team. Men started to flow over the mound behind him, taking up their usual positions around him. Panting, Alex peered above the safe line, taking stock of the battle before him.

    They were using those damned Tiva.

    Wiping is brow he turned to his second-in-command, relaying orders to spread out along the trench, his voice obscured by the random whistle of missile fire. For the last time, he checked over his and his teams equipment, everything was there, it was now or never.

    But Alex couldn't help wondering. He had to stop and think. They had just marched from one end of the Pruda marshes to the next, all in the aid of stealth. He agreed that a more well organized, and stealthy, infantry team didn't exist outside his own, but why not just send some of those covert ops? That seemed a saner idea than the one put forward to him, and a damed sight fairer too.

    Alex hated putting his squad through unneeded exercises, but this wasn't the time to question orders. He'd been doing it far too much lately. He was just a Soldier, after all...

    Breaking from his train of thought he glanced around, nodding to his men, those men who looked at him with such respect, such blind loyalty, but, with that glint of sadness. A glint of sadness that he knew the reason for...

    "Stop it!" he scolded himself, "Get this over with, keep the team alive, then think about the future!"

    Reaffirming his control, he shifted his weight and pulled his rifle into a shouldered position. In an odd copy his team followed his movements, silently, like well greased cogs in a perfectly polished clock.

    He smiled to himself as he waited, waited for the next booming crack of mortar fire to signal a safe window...

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    The situation was rather grim for us. Both sides are literally gunning for the research facility but seemed to be more interested for blood from the other side. The fallout from missiles and mortars are getting too close for comfort.

    "Sir, I'm heading to cause some havok," I declared, dropping the rifle I had and grabbing my sword.

    "What! But we...." he started but I cut him off.

    "No offence sir but at this rate, we'll be killed or captured. We need more time and this is the only way to do so." I said, turning to him.

    Hunter looked at the battlefield then back to me. "Alright, but keep casualties to a minimum and come back alive," he simply said.

    "Don't feel like killing today anyways and I'll be back. After all, I'm a survivor," was my reply before storming off under clock.

    The clock generator was a wonderful piece of technology. It provided almost impenetrable stealth and clocking abilities to any exosuit. However, it was not without its price. It requires a hell lot of energy to maintain. Also, certain detectors can detect it due to small changes in background. Hell, anyone who stares at the suit long enough could make out a very faint outline. However it seems that the soilders were distracted by the Exter Tiva. I slowly crept up behind them. My HUD identified them as part of a company led by Alex Delacroix.

    "Time to rock and roll," I whispered to nobody, unsheathing my sword and rushing in.
    I'm like you.....I have no name - Mr. X

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo


    Vast nothingness encompassed her thoughts. A profound sense of calm radiated from the cross-legged figure. Her weakened and withered arms rose and fell, a mirror to her slow, deep breathing. No noise pierced her serene mind, even though the usual noon-tide hubbub permeated her walls. No smell attracted her sense, even though the vendors had begun cooking the evening meal, sending a miasmal fog of temping haze through the bustling streets of K'Alth. No movement did she see, even though the thronged masses passed across her modest door frame.

    Complete clarity.

    The man at the door swept in, barely making a sound in deep respect of the woman before him. Attired in a full length, ocher brown, robe with a kindly, yet severe face, lined with the signs of aging, betrayed him as K'Alth's spiritual leader.

    For a timeless age the man stood in appraisal, regarding Roth'Agluth.

    A vast sigh issued from her pursed lips, carrying the weight of thousands, echoing across the small space. Slowly she opened her eyes.

    "That's why I always liked coming here." Whispered Hart'Uk, K'Alth's unofficial leader, startling Roth, "...The lack of fan-fare" Hart'Uk finished with a slight smile.

    Roth sat, dazed like a deer in a headlight, peering at a man she fiercly respected. She blinked, freeing her eyes from their prior state of unencumbered. Her now gravelly voice echoed across the gulf between them, "And that's why I like to see you" she paused, adding her own half-smile "...because you've always respected that."

    The man hobbled forwards, planting himself slowly in the modest seat before him, taking stock of his surroundings. "Nothing new, I see?" he inquired. Roth shook her head, half in amusement, half to answer. This was the exact conversation they had had two years previously, on his last visit.

    She waited patiently for his darting, vibrant eyes to settle. With a mimicked sigh, he fixed his gaze upon her.

    "I have pressing news" He muttered solemnly, down-casting his eyes from hers. "I guessed as much." She replied, her smile unfaltering. "It's not everyday that such a personage enters my humble doors" His head raised, as well as his grin. He knew her doors were anything but humble, even though they certainly looked it.

    Again the smile wiped from his merry visage. He kept remembering his message, and the intentions under which they were sent. After a brief pause, as she observed him with interest, he slowly muttered;

    "She wishes to see you."

    Roth didn't need to ask who she was.

    Only one person commanded the word she to hold such respect...

    "Matriarch Eli Tryraa". she recited to herself.

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    I surveryed my target. A lush base full of Exter working. Surrounding the base to the south was a chain of mountians. The mountians would be where I would end up hiding. To the east were rolling hills, perfect for the cavalry to some and storm the base. To the north was a road that the Exter used for transport. And the west and brilliant sunset on an open plain. The Exter on this base seemed oblivious that any one would want to attack it. Most of the Exter on the base just pressumed that there was nothing underneath. Yet there was. The "smart" minds of the Exter were researching and trying to find new ways to kill of the humans. That was why I was chosen for this job. To survey the area, cause disturbances, and find out the routine of the Exter on the base.

    "Leroy, why do you always pick the easy jobs," I asked myself while staring at the sunset. "That's right, you aren't stupid. You don't want to die an early age like the grunt fools of foot soldiers.

    I hated foot soldiers. The average life expectancy of a Foot Soldier was 25 years. For a seige soldier it was 28. And A special ops, or special covert, whatever you wanna call them, was 26. A convert ops could live to 30, and be considered a very honorable hero. That's all I wanted, honor. And I had it. I just had to take the easy jobs and live through the war.

    I went back to my supposed hiding spot and got a power bar to eat. Tomorrow would be when he started killing off random people. Nobody could find his hiding area. He looked exactly like part of the mountian where the grass stopped growing.

    "Ahh life is grand. I wish I knew what Hunter was up to." I thought. I remember seeing Hunter. I went through training with him. He was a good guy. A good soldier and commander at that. He taught me a lot. And I wish I could see him again.

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    “Sir the Tivas are in position and ready for your orders,” came the report from the nearby Exter.

    ”Dissmissed, send word that to be on guard and tell the Andalia to stay on scout and raise the fire beacon for any incoming enemy advance.”

    The man gave a salute and left heading towards the front lines.

    It has only been a week since I was left on this mission, to capture the facility. What lay in it was reports of a weapon of extraordinary power. If we were going to win this war with the humans that weapon would be our trump card.

    Soon a Andalia appeared before me, out of reflexes I extended my blade un ware if it was friend or foe. Luckily the blade was inches away from severing the neck.

    ”Grab a cloak you idiot and then talk to me. If you value your life next time I will kill you.”

    The Andalia quickly placed over a cloak and transformed back to normal. There in front of me stood a women exter. It was strange at first however I realized that our umbers were few and both man, and women have joined the ranks for the struggle.

    “I have surveyed the area and noticed a opening to allow us to enter without detection.”
    ”Good!” I said, ”A squad of Andalia will accompany me into the facility everyone else will remain standby until I return.”

    I pointed to the girl and said,”You will assume my command until my return, Mythrille.”

    “Yes sir.”

    As I walked away and grabbed myh revolver on the table a general came towards me and said, “Tri! Take it easy man, Mythrille is a one of a kind beauty.”

    ”This is a battle ground not a ***** house, Lex.”
    “Seesshhhh, man you need to understand a women’s heart a bit,” Lex
    ”Make sure nothing happens.”
    “Don’t worry! I got this place covered.”

    With that I gave the signal and left with a dozen Andalia with me.

    "Because I exist, my enemy exits. If there is no self, then there can be no enemy." Yamaoka Tesshu

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo


    A frown sat across Roth's face as she swept up the vast stair. Two figures strode at her sides, keeping pace easily. These 'bodyguards' had been waiting for her when she left K'altha and had stepped to, guarding her, offering no explanation. She hadn't needed one. She knew they were a formality only and had ignored the pair of them, as they her.

    The stair was a daunting one. The main entrance to the Matriarch's palace will filled with as much pomp and extravagance as Roth's small house was filled with modesty and dullness.

    She paused, learning on her staff. For all the display, Roth had heard that the Matriarch was quite the opposite. Very "down to Earth", a Human might say.

    Not for the first time in her trip, Roth thought to herself;

    "What does she need with me?"..."Surely there are better equipped people to help her current situation?"..."Does she know something about K'Altha, something I've done that she disapproves of?"

    Shaking her head dispelled those doubts.

    "I'm over-anxious, that's all" She told herself, "I'm not as young as I used to be, after all."

    Her robes rippled in the brisk winds, emphasizing her frailty as she visibly battled to stay on her feet. 'Not as young as I used to be'. That said it all, the age old excuse she used to protect herself from the real reason. Roth knew that if she had been allowed to, she would have aged gracefully, keeping her health until well over 90 (Due to the extended life-spans of Exters). But this wasn't the case. Her mind went dull as she once again explored her tainted memories of her experience...

    Her reverie passed as if a thought scattered to the wind, echoing across the starry hill of Y'alta, home of the Matriarch's palace, twisting and growing in an upsurge, revolving and returning to almost sweep Roth from her purchase.

    A slight gasp escaped her lips as her doubting thoughts were ceased and she wavered, only just falling into the outstretched arms of her bodyguards.

    Her eyes widened in astonishment. That had been lightning fast.

    Her features slowly returned to normal as she appraised the two figures holding her.

    Andalia, she decided.

    She felt a surge of thanks, with a twinge of curiosity, to the person who had sent these sentinels. In that instant she reassessed how important she must be. With a nod affirming she was safe, she lifted herself from her saviors' thankful arms.

    Clutching her Staff with renewed Vigour, a thought passed through her head, bringing a smile to her lips.

    "Humus Genetrix has a way of reminding you of your errand, and forgetting your past..."

    After a short time more, she resumed her ascension to reach the mysterious meeting, with the most important Exter on the planet... (who, it would seem, deemed the price of her protection at two Andalia...)

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    *~ Anna Fagarazzi ~*

    With my katana strapped safely to my back, I hid myself within the shadows of two large trees as a patrol of enemy Exter swept passed me. I had long since passed the front lines, and was now officially in enemy territory. My Exter companion and I had separated long ago, and by now she would be on the opposite side of the battle field, observing from there; we had decided to split to cover more ground.

    Our task was purely reconnaissance. Hunter needed to know how many Exter we were dealing with, as well as the number of Yan X’iar, Andalia, Tektiva’s and their Tiva’s, and Vesnyk and their Scarabs. So far, I was amazed at how many Tektiva there were, normally a battle would consist of many Vesnyk, and fewer Tektiva; but this seemed quite the opposite. It was this fact alone which proved how important this research facility was to the Exter… but why was that? Was there something hiding within its walls regarding the release of the Crux?

    With my back bent, I ran in a crouch toward another set of trees on the side of the battle field. Turning to my right, I saw the patrol, which had previously passed me, now far off in the distance, and the hazy silhouette of the research facility. My orders were to analyse the number of enemy Exter, not to penetrate the research facility… yet it was so enticing…

    “Damnit girl, no! Follow your orders!”

    Turning back to my left, I searched the terrain for another place of concealment. Due to the weather, I could easily keep myself concealed with nothing to cover me save for the fog; but even that was dangerous. An Exter need only come within 20 feet of my location to see me. Visibility was bad, but not bad enough.

    Realising there was no other alternative I activated my exo-suit. I hated using it, preferring the silent, and natural-kill of a katana against the neck. To feel the blood of your prey running through your fingers was… ecstasy.

    Ensuring that my cloak was enabled, I began to jog gently out into the field, and toward the command tents which could be seen in the distance. Whenever a patrol of Exter passed me, I would halt, never venturing too close for them to acknowledge my presence. The Tiva were especially dangerous in this situation, since they could easily scent a human, regardless of what their eyes told them.

    Continuing the jog, I watched as the command tents slowly rose in the distance. Spotting a group of bushes just ahead of me, I concealed myself within them and deactivated my exo-suit. It granted me renewed strength and speed, but just felt so unnatural when I wore it.

    *~ Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo ~*

    *~ Xeddy: Derek? Constructive? Lololololol ~*

    *~ Don't forget to check out the newly created Auron skin! ~*

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    Re: Chronicles of Semotus Stella : Bellum Lugeo

    OCC: Short and partially pointless but I hope it's an okay introduction.


    “Looking around, I notice that everything surrounding me is a mirror of my personality or the narrative of my life’s path. An office built with a lot of work, furniture inherited from my brother’s office. The luxurious table of noble wood, carefully crafted details enwrapping it’s legs. Each leg resembling a beautiful sword… yadda, yadda, yadda”
    - I sighed flipping a random amount of pages – “The red velvet chair made me incorporate a Great leader. Through a slim breach of the thick curtain that dressed the office with superb air, each book, each picture, carpet, no matter the object, was it there because of me or due to my family’s imposition?” I paused for a bit, looking to the ceiling… I… I couldn’t believe it was still going on about that office. “Rosa. Yes, Rosa! I remember how my heart was conquered by such perfect woman but whose temper was… oh my GODDESS!” – I exclaimed loudly, why was I reading this crappy book?

    Your Goddess?” Amazingly enough I hadn’t notice this elder customer coming inside the store. I guess she had my attention now. “Very uncommon of a Human to use such expression. Don’t talk like that around many people, okay?”

    “Yes, yes, I know all that. So what will it be?” I asked the elder woman, hurrying her a bit. She didn’t seem to take it nicely as she looked a bit down, shaking her head.

    She turned herself to a shelf with a bunch of… stuff I didn’t know what was used for, obviously looking for something. “Need help with anything?” I asked.
    “I am looking for Tarot Cards. Have you got those in this store, dear? I’ve been looking for those forever but they are so hard to find...”

    “Eh?” I asked, raising an eyebrow tilting my head slightly to the left. “Tarot Cards? I never heard of those…”

    “Oh, have you not?” That’s what I just said. “I’m not surprised you don’t. I only heard about them a couple of years ago. Read about Old Earth’s mystical beliefs.” She chuckled a bit “You know, about Gods, mythology and all that. Anyway, just for fun, I would like to have a hold on those cards.”

    “Hmmmmmmm yeah. But we don’t have them here, sorry.” I said, pouting with sad eyes. Hearing it, she immediately went back a few steps back to the entrance and looked up with questioning eyes. “...But isn’t this a Magic Shop?” She finally asked… And here comes the same explanation I’ve given so many times lately. I sighed before beginning.

    “Yes, it’s a Magic Shop… but it’s just for fun. Nothing you see in here is for real and-“ she managed to interrupt me “Oh, I know that. There’s no such thing as magic. Which makes me wonder… what is a Magic Shop doing in the middle of Markovia?” Bull’s eye. “Pity…”

    I inhaled. “Oh, tell me about it! I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need the money so badly!” Man, I’m so interesting it hurts “And you know! I’ve actually been promoted. Yep! I used to stand outside inviting people to come inside and whatnot. Very dull, yes”

    “Ah, yes, yes I… I see. Well, thank you for your help, lo-“ Ah~ I’m losing her! “Do you know how HARD it is to make people in this city come inside a Magic Shop? Noone cares about those things!” I turned my back in a sad moment, closing my eyes clasping my hands together “All I… need is the money to pay the- OH! My Atelier have you heard of my Atelier?” I asked turning myself around to her again “…And you’re gone.”

    “Nyyaaan!” I squealed enraged. What a nerve! Leaving me to talk alone… and she seemed to be a nice old lady and all!

    It was so boring standing there for 3 hours everyday. And all I’ve got is that yucky book; I can’t understand the languages written in all the other books around the store. I was tired of looking at the same weird, purple, gooey objects standing on the dusty shelves. Can’t stand the smell either. And I was such in a bad mood to begin with!... Could barely feel my usual energy. My high moment was having a conversation with a round beetle that was walking around the desk I was sitting on. I used a ruler to make a slider for it! “Isn’t this slider fun?” I asked it while making it roll down it. That was fun.

    But I can’t figure the reason for my bad mood. I feel like I need to spice things up! Aether just disappeared, AGAIN... which is terribly annoying.

    “I know! I’m gonna embark on an adventure!” … …

    …I sighed, sitting on the desk; resting my head on my hand, eyes half closed. I knew I was too young for an adventure.

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