About FFX2.com

FFX-2 Online is a site dedicated to providing you with the finest and newest media, coverage, strategy and information for the awesome Square-Enix marvel, "Final Fantasy X-2". Final Fantasy X was a great game and have proven itself worthy by continuing the story in a rare sequal. The game is out in Japan and is yet to be released in America. Stephen, the original webmaster and founder of FFX-2 Online also worked on other Final Fantasy dedication sites (Final Summit, FFXIPlus).

This was Stephens first time time working solo after a strange departure from his Final Fantasy partner.He did a GREAT job!

Now it is my turn to take over and continue where Stephen left off! I hope to continue providing the most up to date information available and keeping this and the forum the most exciting place to be online.

Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments please email me at: john@ffx2.com

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