Voice Actors

Below are the confirmed voice actors for the North American version of Final Fantasy X-2. A short biography for the three main characters are provided below. The other voice actors for the game are listed under.
Source: [IMDb].

Image Character: YUNA
Actor: Hedy Burress
Bio: Went to Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. "Hedy" is a corruption of "Heather" by her kid brother. The media has often mistakenly reported that she was named after screen legend Hedy Lamarr. She is left handed. Auditioned for the role of 'Dorothy Wheeler' in Valentine (2001), but the role eventually went to Jessica Capshaw. However, director Jamie Blanks still wanted Hedy in the film. In a meeting, they looked at each other, and both said "Ruthie".

Image Character: RIKKU
Actor: Tara Strong
Bio: Tara Strong has been in countless films and tv episodes. She has brown eyes, brown hair, a sister named Marla and is married to Craig Strong. This talented actress was the voice of popular characters such as Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls and Dil Pickles from The Rugrats!

Image Character: PAINE
Actor: Gwendoline Yeo
Bio: Born and raised in Singapore, her taste for exotic foods is no mystery. She immigrated to San Francisco, California with her family and graduated from the SF Conservatory of Music in Piano and picked up the nerdiest instrument of all - the Chinese Zither along the way! Proud Bruin, phi beta kappa, summa cum laude, she was introduced to La La Land after winning the Miss Chinatown USA pageant in 1998.

Full Cast
Character Actor
Yuna Hedy Burress
Rikku Tara Strong
Paine Gwendoline Yeo
Nooj George Newbern
Baralai Josh Gomez
Gippal Rick Gomez
Brother / Trema David Rasner
Buddy Ogie Banks III
Shinra Pamela Adlon
Barkeep / Hypello John Demita
Leblanc Masasa
Ormi Sarge
Logos Scott Bullock
Wakka / Kimahri John Dimaggio
Lulu Paula Tiso
Garlik Jack Fletcher
O'aka XXIII / Maechen Dwight Shultz
Tobli / Lian Rob Paulsen
Tromell Cory Burton
Dona / Lucil / Pacce Candi Milo
Barthello John Demita
Elma Julia Fletcher
Clasko Matt Miller
Beclem Adam Paul
Yaibal Scott Menville
Sheilinda Sherry Lynn
Rin Tome Kenney
Nhadala Daisy Torme
Issaru Quinton Flynn
Maroda Robbie Rist
Hana Olivia Hack
Taro Kath Soucie
Bayra / Donga Phil Proctor
Pukutak Grey Delisle
Fayth of Bahumut Debby Derryberry
Cid Michael Mcshane
Seymore Alex Fernandez
Auron Matt Mckenzie
Braska / Benzo / Ayde Dee Bradley Baker
Jecht Greeg Berger
Incidental Characters Jill Talley
Scott Mosenson
Roger Jackson
Lenne / Calli Cree Summer
Shuyin / Tidus James Arnold Taylor

Information from FFX2 instruction booklet.

Admin – Fri, 04/21/2006 – 2:49pm

I knew it!

After i heard Lenne's normal voice near the end of the game when she comes out of Yuna, I heard her voice and thought "Calli" And i was right!! YES!!! Same voice actor as Calli.

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Lovers White Mage – Wed, 01/31/2007 – 6:11pm

Graphics and characters

The song and the voice cast is good and perfectly suit the characters.>

Marcelina Liaw ... – Fri, 07/28/2006 – 12:54am

I agree.

Especially 4 Rikku. Tara Strong's voice sounds perky in the game, just like is and should be.

soundslikerikku – Sat, 09/09/2006 – 12:35pm